'Cells' alias 'brew' homepage.

Brew is a project trying out what I call 'Artificial Code Evolution'.
'Evolutionary Programming' using FORTH and designed for the Linux text console.

Brew is in a development phase, status: experimental.


Please test last snapshot (pre-release 0.2.1 testing).
This should work well on 32 and 64bit Linux systems now.
Feedback very welcome.

5.July 2005 Release brew-0.2.0

Download Release 0.2.0 as .tar.bz2 file.

Download Release 0.2.0 as .tgz file.



I use brew with Gforth on the Linux text console.

It runs also on pfe and bigFORTH

A iForth version is work in progress.

It's not really tested on other configurations, as far as I know.
(contact me for assistance, if you want to port it to other systems)

Robert Epprecht epprecht@solnet.ch